How to Create an Effective Member Onboarding Program at Your Gym [WEBINAR]

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Murphy don

Don Murphy

Managing Partner

Gold's Gym Newburgh NY

“How are you delivering the valuable programs and amenities to your brand new people in a way that they are inspired, they are educated, and they are empowered to make their own decisions? That is the purpose of on-boarding.”

Don Murphy, managing partner

Gold's Gym - Newburgh, NY

Presented by Don Murphy, Managing Partner, Gold's Gym Newburgh NY

One of the biggest challenges we face as health club operators is effectively communicating the value of our programs and services to new members in a way that gets them excited. With everyone living on their smartphones, the capability to successfully onboard new members and get their attention focused on programming has never been easier. The simple steps covered in this webinar will separate you from your competitors and increase member retention.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to strategically "drip feed" your value and communication to new members
  • Evaluate the use of automated texts to offer promotions and get new members involved with training and services
  • Learn how to incorporate easy-to-use digital sign-up and payment capabilities

Presenter Profile:

Don Murphy is a fitness industry veteran and club owner mentor. He is currently the managing partner of Gold’s Gym in Newburgh, NY, and a partner of the Gold’s Gym Franchise Association (GGFA) Advisory Board. Murphy is a speaker and presenter for the GGFA and former co-recipient of Gold’s Gym Franchisee of the Year. He is also the former president of Les Mills Northeast.