CBI August 2016

Nerio Alessandri, the founder and CEO of Technogym, has been keeping busy—very busy. This month, for the sixth time, his company is serving as the official equipment supplier for the Summer Olympic Games. Earlier, in April, he supervised a successful partial initial public offering (IPO). And, as always, he continues to work to make the fitness/wellness experience “cool.”

“We thank IHRSA and CBI for the support they’ve offered us over the years via the magazine, educational events, and research publications. They helped us to remain objective about our business, and allowed us to learn from the experience of others.”

Gigliola Aycardi Batista & Nicolás Loaiza, Founding Partners

BODYTECH, Bogotá, Colombia

Highlights of this issue include:

  • Ancillary Revenue: 10 exciting new ways to fill the till
  • Equipment Upgrades: An expert’s guide to making strides
  • EX-cellence! Making the most of group-ex classes
  • Wearables 2.0: An IHRSA webinar offers insights
  • First Person: Serial entrepreneur Tony de Leede discusses just a few of his current ventures, including Fit n Fast and YogaBar
  • F.I.T. Extra: Group exercise accessories and programming foster creativity and versatility
  • First Set: IHRSA board chairperson Rasmus Ingerslev wonders, “Can we make the world, and our industry, healthier?”
  • Best Practices: Melissa Rodriguez on PT revenues; Christine Thalwitz on cultivating club loyalty
  • In Brief: IHRSA shares the lessons it learned at the Forum on Innovation in Health & Well-Being
  • Success by Association: Together, IHRSA and “ultimate trainer” Radka Dopitova Willson are promoting wellness
  • Value Propositions: SportsArt cut its teeth on the vertical market, but, now, is excelling in full-commercial; Les Mills continues to innovate with “Relationships Beyond Memberships”
  • Last Rep: Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA, marks the 60th birthday of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition